Strategies for Organization Design

Using the Peopletecture Model To Improve Collaboration and Performance

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About My Approach

Foundations in Organization Design focuses on the root cause of the challenges in organizations today. And the best part is the book contains practical, immediately applicable solutions to these problems. I was personally driven to find a holistic solution that could be applied by an executive, business leader or manager, an individual contributor, and/or a consultant attempting to help their clients with these same challenges and truly make work better.

This solution is encapsulated in the Peopletecture model. Developing and validating this approach was a labor of love. The result of 20-plus years of trial and error, of success and failure, of learning and – eventually – of breakthrough performance. I feel compelled to share these learnings with the working world, to help make the world of work meaningful and fun for all. 

There is no shortage of business problems that plague our organizations today. In the book, I outline six of the most common complaints of organizational life that destroy business value and at the same time a person’s positive experience at work (in no particular order, I believe they are equally problematic and pervasive!):

1. Lack of accountability 

2. Poor collaboration and duplication in effort

3. Us-vs.-them mentality 

4. Lack of social connections 

5. Lack of empowerment and autonomy 

6. Perception of pay and performance evaluation unfairness 

The Peopletecture model directly addressed each of these six by first explaining why this is a problem in the first place, then applying the interventions to address the business problem and improve overall performance. 

In the book I provide multiple business stories in working with leaders and teams to share examples of how these business problems have reared their ugly heads, how they have caused slowness in sales, drops in profitability, and overall a great deal of internal conflict that could have easily been avoided. 

Then I get to share the happy (for the most part) ending, where the ideas and tools I have refined over decades come to life to solve real business and human issues. 


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