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From time to time, I will be updating my blog to include news and insights on the ever-changing world of organization design. I hope you’ll come back regularly to see what’s happening.

  • A Primer on Spans and Layers

    A Primer on Spans and Layers

    Organizations evolve over time. Leaders regularly make organization design decisions tailored to a specific person or a unique business need at that particular moment. Perhaps they are giving a high performing resource an opportunity to grow and learn a new part of the business, so they move another function under their purview.  Perhaps a manager…

  • The EODF Summer Book Edition: Find My Book There

    The EODF Summer Book Edition: Find My Book There

    The European Organisation Design Forum, or the EODF, is a community of leaders in the world of organization design. According to the EODF website, its mission is to, “build and advance the community, practice, and strategic role of Organisation Design. We’re driven to fulfil our purpose of creating a connected community, exploring inspirational perspectives to release organisational potential.” One of…

  • Beyond Organization Benchmarking

    Beyond Organization Benchmarking

    Recently the CEO of my client – one of the most well-known retailers in the world – told my team that he wanted to see his organization data “de-averaged” as part of a benchmarking effort he had commissioned. I was ecstatic. The tyranny of averages plagues us all! How refreshing that our enlightened CEO understands…