March 1: The Release of Strategies for Organization Design

Strategies for Organization Design book cover.

Today’s organizations are unable to deal with rapid change and fail to innovate consistently at scale. Worse, individuals are not engaged in their work, nor with the organizations to which they belong. We know we must dismantle current organization designs and restructure for today’s environment. To date, organization design solutions have been incomplete for three reasons:

1. Organization designs are not linked to how humans behave in groups and in systems.

2. Design solutions are focused primarily on the individual unit of analysis, not the group and system levels.

3. Design has historically ignored the power of horizontal networks, which account for approximately 80% of how work is done in an organization.

Seeing these same three issues plaguing traditional organization design over the 20 years of my management consulting career, I developed the Peopletecture model to resolve these challenges. Applying this model has allowed hundreds of my clients to achieve their business results and to unleash their people’s potential at work.

Through my experience advising dozens of CEO’s and hundreds of executives and team leaders on the topic of organization design, I came to this optimal method which I teach in my new book: Strategies for Organization Design: Using the Peopletecture Model to Improve Collaboration and Performance.

In my book, I show how the six elements in the Peopletecture model provide academics, leaders, and practitioners with a purposeful set of tools that improve the lives and experiences of people and achieve the best possible business outcomes. The book is being released on March 1, 2023 and can purchased in advance. 

Stay tuned as I continue to share regular blogs on the Peopletecture model. I would love to hear from you, so please email me at or keep checking back for more updates!

I do hope you enjoy the series and the book!

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